Greggs: Rise & Heinz

Promoting a very tasty partnership.

The commercial problem

Greggs has been using Heinz products for years without highlighting the fact that they’re partners.

The human problem

Greggs’ customers often didn’t realise they were getting a premium brand like Heinz, and it wasn’t a key part in their decision-making process.

The human truth

Customers adore Heinz. It’s one of the UK’s most beloved brands and the perfect partner for Greggs.

The unmissable value

By focusing on the Heinz Baked Beans in Greggs’ Breakfast Box, we created an attention-grabbing store takeover.

24% increase in breakfast box sales
within the first week alone
The 'punch above your weight' result

The campaign saw sales of Greggs breakfast boxes increase by 24% in the first week alone, and helped Greggs realise the commercial potential of its own in-store media spaces.