Midlands Engine

Putting the regions successes on the map

The commercial problem

The Midlands is a dynamic, innovative region. However, it often misses out on investment opportunities to other parts of the UK.

The human problem

Not the North, not the South, the Midlands tends to fall between two stools. One of its biggest challenges is that international investors simply don’t where it is.

The human truth

Businesses, stakeholders and individuals want to be reassured that their choice of location has proven to be successful for others.

The unmissable value

Working with The Midlands Engine, we dug deep to highlight the regions many commercial, cultural and technical achievements. We devised an inspiring launch campaign and identity, which literally put The Midlands on the map.

23% overdelivered on campaign targets!
The unmissable value

A multichannel campaign across outdoor, press and social was unveiled at MIPIM, smashing digital response targets by 23% and reaching over 3 million people through print media.